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Name: Kathryn Sandberg, PhD
Rank: Professor
Appointments: Primary- Department of Medicine - Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology (Georgetown University Medical Center)
Position: Core Leader, Core Faculty, EXCO
Email: sandberg@georgetown.edu
University Page: See link



Name: Dexter L. Lee, PhD
Rank: Associate Professor
Appointments: Primary: Dept. of Physiology & Biophysics (Howard University College of Medicine)
Position: Co-Core Leader, Center Faculty, EXCO
Email: dllee@howard.edu
University Page: See link


Name: Jason G. Umans, MD, PhD
Rank: Senior Scientist & Lab Director (MedStar Health Research Institute); Associate Professor (Georgetown University Medical Center)
Appointments: Primary: MedStar Health Research Institute, Secondary: Department of Medicine (Georgetown University Medical Center)
Position: Co-Core Leader, Core Faculty, EXCO, KL2 Core Leader
Email: jgu@georgtown.edu
University Page: See link