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Sara Maimouni
Sara Maimouni
Name: Sara Maimouni
Title: PhD Candiate | Biochemistry (Georgetown University)
Research Topic: Metabolism and metabo-therapeutics
Mentors: Stephen Byers, PhD (Department of Oncology, Georgetown University) and Priscilla Furth, MD (Department of Oncology, Georgetown University)

Bio: I was born and raised in Morocco where opportunities to study basic science and conduct research are limited. In addition, I grew up in a family that pursued the arts, and as a child, I struggled with finding support for my budding interest in the sciences. It was not until I started volunteering at a diagnostic laboratory in my city while in high school that I became aware and interested in the health disparities in my community. My first exposure to scientific research was during my undergraduate studies in the United States. I had the chance to work as an undergraduate research assistant at Cornell University with Dr. Goldberg, a preeminent molecular biologist. In his lab, I studied drosophila molecular biology and developed an appreciation for numerous molecular biology techniques. My interest in public health research continued and at the end of my undergraduate career, I interned as an undergraduate research assistant in public health awareness for underserved populations at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. These diverse research experiences have provided me with a foundation in cell biology as well as public health. I am now a fourth year cell biology Ph.D. candidate conducting basic science research on the metabolic function of retinoic acid receptor responder protein 1. I am also involved in translational research through my work on repurposing metabo-drugs for breast cancer therapy. These experiences have solidified my interest in metabolic reprogramming during cancer development and repurposing metabo-therapeutics for cancer therapy. I am the first woman in my family to pursue my doctoral degree, and the first member and woman in my family to pursue a career in science. I am thrilled to represent Moroccan women and scientists in this field.