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Sandeep Nadella
Sandeep Nadella
Name: Sandeep Nadella, MD
Past Title: Postdoctoral Fellow (Georgetown University)
Past Research Topic: Epigenetic regulation of pancreatic cancer
Past & Current Mentors: Jill Smith, MD (Department of Medicine, Georgetown University) & Narayan Shivapurkar, MD (Department of Oncology, Georgetown University)
Current Title: Gastroenterology Fellow, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Pubmed: See Link

Bio: I am a board certified internal medicine physician who plans to pursue a fellowship in gastroenterology. My research interests include developing a comprehensive understanding of the basic mechanisms of pancreatic diseases including pancreatic cancer. My clinical training has helped me develop a background of the clinical manifestations of pancreatic disease such as chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. I am aware of the need for development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the management of these conditions. Currently, my research is focused on understanding the epigenetic changes that occur during pancreatic disorders including pancreatic cancer and regeneration of the pancreas after injury. Under the mentorship of Dr. Smith, I am studying the role of the gastrin: cholecystokinin receptor axis in pancreatic cancer development and progression. I hope to use the improved knowledge of epigenetic regulation to develop better tests for diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. I am currently performing experiments on micro-RNA mediated epigenetic regulation of the gastrin: cholecystokinin receptor axis and its role in pancreatic cancer progression and metastasis. I am also recruiting patients for development of a non-invasive "liquid biopsy" to help diagnose pancreatic cancer. In addition, I am elucidating the mechanisms underlying the epigenetic changes in the pancreas after injury which help the pancreas undergo regeneration. I am developing a database of patients with benign pancreatic disorders including pancreatitis and pancreatic cysts. I hope to use machine learning algorithms to deliver insights into management of patients with these conditions.