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Philip Kurian
Philip Kurian
Name: Philip Kurian, PhD
Title: Postdoctoral Fellow (Howard University)
Research Topic: Quantum biology – Coherent energy transport in biomolecules in neurodegenerative illness.
Mentors: Thomas Obisesan, MD, PhD (Department of Medicine, Howard University) & Travis Caddock, PhD (Department of Psychology, Nova Southeastern University) & Georgia Dunston, PhD (Department of Microbiology, Howard University)
Pubmed: See link

Bio: I was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and received my doctorate in physics in 2013. As a postdoctoral scholar with the National Human Genome Center at Howard University, I am building a research program around how coherent energy transport in DNA, microtubules, and other biomolecules affects macroscopic biological functions. We are in the process of developing new paradigms with collaborators to connect our findings to studies of chronic degenerative illnesses, such as Alzheimer's disease, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.