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Megan Huizenga
Megan Huizenga
Name: Megan Huizenga
Title: PhD Candidate | Pharmacology & Physiology (Georgetown University)
Research Topic: Pharmacological and gene therapy approaches for limbic seizure control
Mentors: Patrick Forcelli, PhD (Department of Pharmacology & Physiology, Department of Neuroscience, Georgetown University)
Pubmed: See link

Bio: My research interests center on the discovery on improved therapeutics through the identification of disease mechanisms. My research pursuits began as an undergraduate at the University of Connecticut. While earning my B.S. in psychology and neuroscience, I created a rodent model of depression to test novel therapeutics. I then continued my research efforts as a lab assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital in a neuroepigenetics lab where I investigated epigenetic alterations associated with a heritable drug resistance phenotype and assessed the efficacy of novel compounds in a Huntington’s disease cell line. Most recently, I was accepted into the Ph.D. program in Pharmacology at Georgetown University and am completing my thesis research with Dr. Forcelli investigating both pharmacological treatments for pediatric seizure models and gene therapy approaches for targeting limbic seizures in adult animal models.