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Mary Katherine Howell
Name: Mary Katherine Howell
Title: PhD Candiate | Clinical Psychology (Howard University)
Research Topic: Alternative fear activation pathways in post-traumatic stress disorder and treatment response
Mentors: Thomas A. Mellman, MD (Department of Psychiatry, Howard University)
Pubmed: See link

Bio: As a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program at Howard University, my primary research interests are in pathways of subjective distress and autonomic arousal and habituation that optimize treatment response in exposure-based treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder. I also have an interest in post-traumatic distress presentation in various cultural contexts, such as urban-residing African American populations, Veteran populations, and Arab populations. After obtaining my B.A. in Psychology and Middle East Studies from Northwestern University, I began my training as a clinical scientist at Howard University and joined Dr. Mellman's lab, the Sleep and Stress Research Program, in 2014.