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Lucas Tricoli
Lucas Tricoli
Name: Lucas Tricoli, PhD
Past Title: Postdoctoral Fellow (Georgetown University)
Past Research Topic: Modeling prostate cancer in 3D
Past Mentors: Chris Albanese, PhD (Department of Oncology, Georgetown University) & Richard Schlegel, MD, PhD (Department of Pathology, Georgetown University)
Current Title: Postdoctoral Fellow (Georgetown University)
Pubmed: See link

Bio: Using the training and expertise gained from development of my 3D trans-well culture model, I have a significant interest in furthering our understanding of indolent vs. aggressive forms of prostate cancer. This includes broadening the technique to look at other forms of cancer using this 3D model. Using this novel 3D technique, I will employ genetic and molecular interrogation to assess the exact mechanisms that lead to the development of aggressive compared to indolent disease in cancer. My work with conditionally reprogrammed cells has given me extensive experience with developmental biology in looking at differences in expression markers of luminal differentiated cells compared to basal stem-like cells. With a clinically relevant 3D trans-well culture model in development, accumulated knowledge of cell development and mechanistic studies on development of cancer, I have a significant interest in applying this knowledge to cellular regeneration techniques as well. My ultimate goal is to expand the field of translational cancer research using my acquired primary cell culture techniques, with an eye on cellular regeneration.