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Ihori Kobayashi
Ihori Kobayashi
Name: Ihori Kobayashi, PhD
Past Title: Postdoctoral Fellow (Howard University)
Past Research Topic: Therapeutic use of orexin system inhibitors in post-traumatic stress disorder
Past Research & Current Mentors: Thomas Mellman, MD (Department of Psychiatry, Howard University) & Larry Sanford, PhD (Department of Pathology & Anatomy, Eastern Virginia Medical School)
Current Title: Assistant Professor and KL2 Scholar (Howard University)
Pubmed: See link

Bio: I have been involved in research on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since the beginning of my doctoral training at Kent State University. My research interests include roles of sleep in the development of and recovery from PTSD, nocturnal autonomic nervous system activity in PTSD and resilience, and sex differences in sleep and PTSD. During my graduate school and postdoctoral training at Howard University, I acquired foundational skills and knowledge to conduct research focusing on psychophysiological and cognitive behavioral aspects of sleep in PTSD. In addition, working in collaboration with Dr. Sanford, I started a mouse sleep study to examine sex differences in posttraumatic sleep. This study provided me with an opportunity to learn animal sleep study methodology and lay a foundation for developing an interdisciplinary research program. My current project aims to examine whether blocking the orexin (hypotretin) system enhances sleep’s benefits to therapeutic exposure for PTSD. My long-term goal is to develop an interdisciplinary research program to elucidate neurophysiological mechanisms that underlie sleep’s contributions to therapeutic processes and incorporate this knowledge into PTSD treatment strategies.