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As a postdoc am I required to be terminate from my current position?


Yes, NRSA awards support research training experiences in specified areas of biomedical, behavioral and clinical research, in order to help ensure that a diverse and highly trained workforce is available to assume leadership roles to advance the national’s biomedical and clinical research agenda. NRSA awards provide stipends to trainees for subsistence support or to defray expenses during the period of training; they are not compensation for services rendered. Therefore, NRSA trainees are not considered employees of that University/Institute and are not eligible to receive employee health insurance or other employment benefits from that University/Institute. NRSA grants are of a fixed duration, and there is no guarantee or expectation that NRSA trainees will be employed by that University/Institute following the expiration or termination of the NRSA grant. The NIH Grants Policy Statement has specific requirements for NRSA grants and is available here: