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Frequently Asked Questions


How much funding will I receive if I'm accepted into the program?


The TL1 grant will provide predoctoral students with the NIH standard stipend of $23,844 year for all years of experience: Click here for more information

Post-doctoral fellow salaries follow NIH guidelines: Click here for more information

  Years of  
  Stipend for FY  
0 $47,484
1 $47,844
2 $48,216
3 $50,316
4 $52,140

Note: Similarly to every predoctoral student and postdoctoral fellow funded by a National Research Service Award (NRSA) training grant, the difference between the PhD student's stipend or postdoctoral fellow's salary and the TL1-funded component cannot be made up from another federal grant since this is how NIH defines "cost-sharing" and no cost-sharing is allowed on NRSA grants. For example, if a mentor wants to pay their postdoctoral fellow with 1 year of experience more than $47,844, that mentor can only use non-US government funds to make up the difference. However, will need to work with TL1 Director for approval.